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SEELINGO (INDIA) PVT. LTD.  is headquartered in the USA with offices in China, lndia, Singapore and Hongkong. is a leading B2B platform in the world of medical consumables and medical supplies to various industries including but not limited toHealthcare (Hospitals), Hospitality (Hotels, Restaurants), Government Agencies etc.

SEELINGO (INDIA) PVT. LTD.  has been rated as one of the best and most reliable global platform for various preventive medical infrastructure (including Nitrile gloves, Vinyl/Nitrile gloves , Latex Gloves , PVC gloves, Surgical Masks, N95 Masks, Surgical Gowns) and Covid related treatment-care including but not limited to Oxygen Concentrators, Ventilators, Oxymeters and other Medical Consumables such as Syringes, Needles, Tubes etc.

Given our strength in technology and supply chain management, we are able to provide an unparalleled variety of quality products at the most competitive price globally.

All our products have FDA and CE approvals. With exclusive and global partnership with some of the biggest manufacturers in China (INTCO, Hongray, Bluesail, Yuwell, Haier etc), we have been able to scale the business within a short period of time to an order book of more than USD 500 million . The products procured are high quality and used directly by various governments, the medical industry and hospitals in the US, Europe, India and China.
We provide an easy shopping experience, expedited shipping offers, flexible payment terms and exceptional customer service. Our online store has become synonymous with quality and we ensure a continuous variety of best in class products along with a unique hassle free purchase experience.

At Seelingo we provide you the best products with the best delivery, hassle free


Door To Door Delivery

At SEELINGO.IN we have an extensive network of offices and agents worldwide that allows us to offer Door to Door delivery services (sea, road, air) with utmost confidence and delivery guarantee. We simplify operations from from origin to destination being your only interlocutor, facilitating  cargo tracking at all times and an All-Inclusive rate (inco term DAP -Delivery at Place -) broken down in a transparent manner:

  • Ground transportation costs at origin, from warehouse to Port / Airport
  • Local and cargo handling expenses at origin, in Port / Airport
  • Customs clearance at origin
  • Maritime / Air Freight and Surcharges
  • Management costs and submission of documentation
  • Customs clearance at destination, excluding customs duties and taxes
  • Local and cargo handling expenses at destination, in Port / Airport
  • Ground transportation costs at destination, from Port / Airport to final customer warehouse


Door To Door Delivery Saves You Money

The new service of door to door delivery, gives customers enough flexibility since they do not need to consolidate shipments in order to lower their expenses for import. The service usually involves separate costs for those involved in the freight shipping which means, it reduces the transit time significantly.

Continually, door to door delivery saves money to everyone involved in the process. However, it is most advantageous for customers since the seelingo provides you with a contract where they outline the costs of the shipping to your destination.

Once you place an order with, you are not the one handling the shipping because from that point, they will handle everything, including the trasport cost optimization  that is important for your shipment. At Seelingo we provide you the best products with the best delivery, hassle free

It Saves Your Time

The time that you previously needed to make the delivery yourself, is nowadays downsized with door to door delivery. Furthermore, it is more comfortable for the customers. In addition, this gives you time to handle your activities during the day without worrying about the cargo and the delivery time since use GPS Fleet Tracking  as a better solution for customers.

It is Simpler

The entire action of transport may be complex since it involves several processes as parts of the transit, but for everyone involved in it, it is way simpler than it previously was. Customers no longer need to be part of the door to door delivery.

We have learned that the mission of transportation industry is a satisfied customer. And that makes their priorities, ours. Once we got involved in this business, we have learned that transit makes life a lot easier for buyers.

Product Quality & Assurance

Supply Quality Management– At Seelingo we have expertise in delivering timely and efficient services to screen, develop, evaluate and oversee the production quality of new suppliers around the world. Seelingo chooses vendor on very strict requirement and make sure only top manufacturers from a industry domain joins in.

Production Oversight– We are able to send experienced quality experts to supplier to oversee production, and make sure that production quality has not been compromised. Seelingo works with SGS as our official partner for Random Quality Inspection and Loading Supervision to make sure the overall quality of a product.

New Supplier Screening– screen every suppliers allowing you to move with confidence before buying the products through our platform.

Total Quality Assurance – We understand the constraints growing companies experience with time, resources, and personnel. It’s why Seelingo offers and oversee quality processes, so you can focus on the growth of your business. Your brand is not only maintained – it’s protected!

Flexible Payment

Now it’s a decade of flexible payments – more people are buying online than ever and brands need to adjust accordingly to fully capture the influx of new opportunities.Seelingo offer you different types of payment and goods availability option.Ready Stock Availability to give you quick access to the ready goods available on the ground in USA warehouses.

On Production Demand option: so you can save money for your bulk order.

Cash On Delivery options: where you can pay once the goods arrive at your place.

Financing Options: Buy now pay later options Starting $ 5000 to $ 50 Million available .

Offline Payment Option for Bulk Order: Save 1% and pay offline to SEELINGO (INDIA) PVT. LTD. Bank accounts.

24 X 7 Sales & Customer Service: At Seelingo we believe in continues communication and availability to the customer and that’s why we provide 24 Hrs 7 Days Sales and Customer care facility so you can reach us any time for your requirement.

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